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Dear Sir or Madam:

I am a (year in school) at the University of ___________ majoring in _____________. I am seeking a ____________________ or ____________________ internship for summer, fall, spring year. (If you know someone who suggested this organization or has a connection, mention it here). Some of my relevant course work includes ____________, __________, and ___________. As a result of the knowledge I have acquired in these and other courses, in addition to my (personal quality or other experience), I am confident that I could contribute to (name of organization) while gaining some practical experience.

In this section, include any or all of the following:

- A story about your background

- Why you are impressed with the organization

- Statements communicating your enthusiasm for the internship opportunity

- Details about specific skills that would be helpful to any organization, such as

customer service, attention to detail, or specific skills such as Excel or HTML My resume is attached. I will contact you in a week or so to inquire about potential internship possibilities. Sincerely,



-completed version of this letter

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